• Poseidon 4.1 (1/4 Pound)
  • Zeus 8.6 (1/2 Pound)
  • Hades 12.1 (3/4 Pound)
  • Kronos 16.2 (1 Pound)





Why Train Light… When You Can Train Heavy!

  • Introducing the RXSG Heavy Pack! It’s time to hit your jump rope routines harder and heavier. Choose from the Poseidon, Zeus, Hades or Kronos for your next cardio workout.
  • Cable weights included- Poseidon 4.1 (1/4 Pound), Zeus 8.6 (1/2 Pound), Hades 12.1 (3/4 Pound), Kronos 16.2 (1 Pound)
  • Lengths (one rope in each length and weight)
    • 8’8″  Fits Athletes- 5’5″ to 5’10” (170-175cm)
    • 9’0″  Fits Athletes- 5’10” &  Taller (180-185cm)

If you have any additional questions or still need help on choosing your size, please feel free to contact us directly by sending us an email at jackie@wodfitgear.co.za and i will get back to you as soon as we can.

*These items are not always in stock because they are special items, please contact me via jackie@wodfitgear.co.za so i can advise accordingly.Should we need to order you are looking at a 5 day waiting period.*