About Us

When I first started this online store in 2016 it was to bring the Jerkfit products, WODies™ and Nubs®, to South Africa. I was a huge fan of the WODies™ and felt that the South African CrossFit® community needed to know about them, simply because they are the best!

The last year has been an unforgettable journey and an amazing experience. I have had the privilege of working with incredible people, vending at events, meeting athletes and interacting with people from all over.

My passion for CrossFit® has lead me into a world that I cannot get enough of and now that I’m at the heart of eating clean, getting fit and having the best equipment to help me master the skills I can’t help but want to share that experience with everyone.

WODfitGEAR is officially an up and coming online store that is distributing premium products made both locally and abroad. We pride ourselves in partnering with people that have the same interest and goals. Our mission : premium quality, convenience and an unforgettable customer service.

We really do believe that like everything in life the better equipped you are the better your performance and WODfitGEAR is the start of bringing that better performance to you!